Apr 23, 2009

Ultimate Chocolate Muffin (Valarie)

My balance buttermilk from making pancake went to this batch of Ultimate Chocolate Muffin that I baked on Monday night. Recently I'm very tired after work so always late on my updates... This muffin is moist and very chocolatery. Original recipe is a bit sweet for me so I reduced the sugar and chocolate chips.

*** Recipe removed ***


olivia said...

Hi Wen

I couldn't resist myself from making these wonderful muffins this evening. I happened to be at cold storage during lunch and bought a carton of buttermilk. Then I got the whole thing done up within half an hour. The whole kitchen was filled with the aroma of chocolate...

Hee hee.. Thanks for the wonderful muffins. Will post in my blog shortly


Wen said...

Hi Olivia,
Glad that you like the muffin and credit to Valarie's for her wonderful recipe.

Joyce said...

Hi Wendy,

For the wet ingredient, do we mix by hand whisk or electric whisk?

Also, how long do we need to whisk it?


Wen said...

Hi Joyce,

Use a handwhisk to mix the wet ingredients till well mix will do. Then with the same hand whisk fold in the dry ingredient. Do not overmix.

Happy Baking!

Joyce said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your fast response.

Will definitely try this out.. :)

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