Nov 12, 2009

Kim Moh Beef Noodle

6th Nov 2009

With bosses and colleagues, lunch at this authentic Hainanese restaurant - Kim Moh at Marine Parade last Friday. Situated in a corner of a HUDC privatized estate. Simple decoration and not much ambiance, more like a family restaurant. Specialities are Hainanese cuisine - Beef noodles, beef horfun, chap chye, pork chop, mutton soup etcs. No GST and service charges but dining there can be quite expensive. 9 of us each having a plate of noodles with only 2 side dishes (chap chye & prawn rolls) and a pot of tea, the bill total was $123.00. I'm not sure of the breakdown as it was a treat from bosses. That's about $14.00 per pax. I think it was quite expensive not very value for money.

Not bad, smooth and quite balance flavour but not much "wok hei".

This was very tasty and yummy with nice wok hei, better than the wet one.

One of the best beef noodle soup in Singapore according to my boss. He liked the beef broth, rich in flavour and not oily.
Not too bad. The seafood was very fresh but still lack "wok hei".

Very delicious and rich in flavour. My Hainanese MIL cook it this way too, so quite authentic & homestyle.

Crispy and tasty but tasted more flour than prawns and meat.

Kim Moh Beef Noodle & Authentic Asian Cuisine
5000F Marine Parade Road
#01-22 Laguna Park
Singapore 449289
Tel: 64428900
Fax: 64428100
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm


ErrolG said...

I noticed from other website reviews of this establishment that the findings are that their servings are small and prices high.  Bears out what you say about  the bill totalling $123.00 for what is simple food.
They left a flyer in my post-box. I'll give the place a miss.

Dilollo said...

I went there just recently with my family and the food just taste so nice.  You can tell they use really fresh and good ingredients.  Many other hawkers zi cha just do not have the edge.  They are not comparable to the nicer restaurants in the city but hey, you do pay so much more for it.  If you are not fuss about ambience and just want to have a simple lovely  meal, I am happy to choose this restaurant over the high end ones.  The hainanese beef noodles is just heavenly and you will never find the same taste in Singapore.

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