Mar 31, 2012

Best of Honshu - Japan Trip Day 3 Part II (19th Sep 2009)

Oh! I broke record again... is the last day of March and this is only my first post! I better buck up and pick up the momentum of blogging again as I still want this as part of my life.

After Sensoji Temple, we set off to Tokyo Bay Cruise situated at Hinode Pier to take a cruise to Palette Town. The itinerary for the afternoon will be shopping at VenusFort and visiting Toyota Mega Web!

Tokyo Bay Cruise Harbor

It's a 25-30 mins cruise ride to Palette Town. Along the ride, we got a scenic view of the Rainbow Bridge, an iconic symbol of Tokyo bay that connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. And also the Fuji TV Building, one of Japan's private nationwide TV stations. 

Statue of Liberty (Tokyo Mahattan) at Odaiba Park

We alighted at Odaiba Park and took a stroll to Palette Town. You will get a good view of Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge along the way.

Palette Town @ Toyota Mega Web

Mega Web is a giant Toyota showroom. It's featured Toyota's latest models, car accessories and technologies. If you have driving license, you get to test drive the car in the inhouse track.  

It's also a museum that exhibit cars from the past decade. Sport car lovers will love this section.

Venus Fort is a large shopping mall that house a casino too. A beautiful mall with interior modeled after 18th century Europe. The most interesting shop to us will be the Burberry Blue Label boutique which is only available in Japan.      

Fruit & Vegetables Fair @ Venus Fort

After an hour of shopping, we were hungry and went to get some Mcdonald's to snack. It was really yummy! Next we carried on our journey to Lake Kawaguchi where we will check in for the night.

Ebina Expressway Service Station

Take a break at Ebina Expressway Service Station - on the way to Lake Kawaguchi Hotel near Mount Fuji.

Always! Snacking again!

Lake Kawaguchi Hotel

I'm not very sure of the hotel name but is at Lake Kawaguchi, located at the foot of Mount Fuji. The hotel is rather authentic and run down but clean and well kept. We get to experience a night stay in tradition Tatami room and hot spring bath.

Japanese Nabe Set Dinner

At the dining hall, all of us clad in Japanese Yukata (Kimono) and enjoyed a cultural Japanese Nabe dinner.

Sashimi Platter

This was on own expense not included in the tour. The sashimi platter was so good which includes lobster, scallop, assorted raw fish, prawns, sea urchin & abalone. Sorry I can't remember how much we paid for this but definitely worth every single cent. After a sumptuous dinner, we turned in early for a good night rest.

Stay tune for Day 4 updates coming up soon - Mount Fuji & Owakuudani Boiling Valley...!

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