Oct 21, 2008

Korean Rice Roll - Kimbap

Kimbap - Korean version of sushi. It's differ from Japan version in term of taste & ingredients used. For Kimbap most of the ingredients are cooked or pan fried before use and sesame oil is added to the rice and a light glaze on the roll. Usually spinach & carrot are used instead of cucumber but I do not have any today so I used Jap cucumber & carrot.

It's a very common snack for the Koreans, the last time when I was on vacation there, can be found everywhere, on the street stalls, in the restaurants & food courts.

For weeks, Kimbap was on my to do list so today manage to fulfill it. I prepared the ingredients the night before as I plan to bring it to work for my colleagues as a surprise breakfast treat.

This was what I made this morning, 10 rolls of Kimbaps.

This recipe makes 10 rolls of Kimbap.

1. Cooked sushi rice - 5 bowls (Uncook is 3 cups - the normal rice cooker cup)
2. Eggs - 3 nos (Fried into thick omelette and cut into 10 strips)
3. Crab sticks - 10 sticks (cut into half & lightly pan-fried it)
4. Carrots - 1 no (Cut into thin strips, blanch it with hot water & season it with a bit of sesame oil & light soya sauce)
5. Spam low sodium luncheon meat - 3/4 can (cut into 20 thicks strip & pan fried it)
6. Cucumber - 10 strips
7. Yellow pickled raddish - 10 strips
8. Seaweeds - 10 sheets (usually 1 pkt contains 10 steets)
9. Japanese Mayo
10.Sesame oil for glazing

Rice Seasoning:
Sushi vinegar - 5 dsp
Sesame oil - 1 dsp
Salt - a pinch

Methods refers to: My Korean Kitchen


Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thanks for your Kimbap :P It's delicious hehe.

Wen said...

You are welcome! Hope you manage to do some revision tonite. See you!

Cookie said...

It looks yummy - unlike some other asian snack that taste alotn better when hot, this will go well in the my cold winter here!

Wen said...

Hi Cookie,

You are right! The Koreans eat this throughout the 4 seasons. Do give this a try!

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