Oct 19, 2008

My baking - Part 3

Jia Lei - Professional Bread Making Course

Now, comes to bread making...

2 years ago, when I took a few months break from working, I took up a bread making course at Jia lei. It's a one to one coaching and hands on course. Here were some of the breads I had learnt during the course and I even invested in a heavy duty mixer but now it had become an antique in my store room. Really thinking of advertising it on Ebay to sell it of.

Those breads were made by me during my lesson and we had to bring all home after every lesson. That period of time, I'm really sick of bread and most of time I just gave away as my hubby don't like bread too. These bread the tastes were more of neighbourhood bread shop standard. I still prefer bread from Four Leaves.


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