Nov 22, 2008

Fried Shanghai Rice Cake

I bought this rice cake from a china provision shop in Geylang. Supermarkets usually sell those dry type where you have to soak & boil it. This is the ready to use type and is almost similar to korean rice cake.

Aunt use her Fried beehoon w/canned stewed pork chops recipe to cook this rice cake.
Some changes are:
1. Use 225g rice cake instead of 300g beehoon (no soaking needed)
2. Use chinese cabbage instead of beijing cabbage
3. Add 2 no dried mushroom (soaked & shredded)
4. Add 1 small carrot (approx 60g, shredded)

I like the chewy texture and the rice cake itself has no taste, so it will absorb the richness of the sauce. Yummy!


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