Nov 12, 2008

Mixed Veg & Fish Maw Soup

I was so busy on weekend that I didn't go marketing to top up my fridge for weekday cooking. However, I usually tend to buy more than what we need so my fridge still have balance bits & pieces of different type of veg. So my aunt whipped up a mixed veg & fish maw soup to use up all the balance veg in the fridge. With her ready frozen stock, anytime we can have nice soup...

650ml Premium stock (see recipes) - This will make exactly one big bowl of soup
Assorted balance mixed veg
2 nos Fish maw (wash & cut into pcs)
Shallot oil

1. Boil the stock and fish maw till fish maw soften.
2. Add veg and stir well, add salt to taste.
3. Garnish with shallot oil & pepper before serving.


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