Nov 21, 2008

Bamboo Clam In Black Bean Paste

Friday night dinner was rice porridge serve with stir-fried bamboo clam & sizchuan veg w/shredded pork. Two very heavy taste dishes that go so well with plain porridge.

I bought the frozen bamboo clam from NTUC at promo price $4.75/pkt. My aunt stir-fried it with black bean paste & chilli. So delicious... but the washing of the clam is quite hectic as it contains a lot of sand.

It's taste like those Lala serve in teochew porridge stall. She even make a chilli flower for me to garnish the dish for photo taking. Thanks Aunt!

Recipe - Bamboo clam in black bean paste
1kg Bamboo clam (clean & remove the sand & drain dry)
1tbsp Black bean (dry & preserved type)
1clove Garlic (chopped finely)
2tsp Crispy prawn chilli (Brand: Tean's gourmet)
(I like this bottled crispy chilli very much, it goes very well with almost everything. Get it from NTUC)

50ml stock
1tsp sugar
1tsp wine
1tsp oyster sauce
Thickening - cornflour 1tsp mix w/1tbsp water

1. 3 tbsp oil to fry galic till aromatic, add bean paste & crispy chilli, stir well.
2. Place bamboo clam into it to fry for awhile.
3. Add sauce & stir till it heat through, add thickening & serve.


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