Dec 6, 2008

Stir Fry Long Bean w/Miso

Miso paste is a common condinment in our kitchen. We used it for soup, as roast marinates, to stir fry pork, chicken & vegetables & also steam fish. It's available in all supermarkets and this is the type I used (See pic on the left). I bought it from NTUC at S$5.80 only. I used to buy it from the Japanese grocery shop in Parkway but they are selling it at S$7 plus. Only recently I noticed NTUC starts selling only for S$5.80.

Stir Fry Long Bean with Miso

Approx 15 strings long beans (cut)
1 1/2 red chillies (Chopped finely)
2 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
1 tbsp Miso paste

Sauce (mix well):
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp vetsin
3 tbsp (60ml) Stock1 tsp wine
1/2 tsp cornflour

1. Heat 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry garlic till light golden, add miso & stir well till fragrant.
2. Add chopped chillies and long bean, on high heat stir well till almost cooked.
3. Add sauce and fry till the sauce thicken.


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