Jan 27, 2009

Steamboat At Home For Reunion Dinner

It's been years since we had our reunion dinner at home. For the past years we usually dine at restaurant but we don't really enjoy the meal. This year, we decided to have steamboat at our house. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the dinner very much.

Our steamboat spreads:

Clockwise: Cold Dish - Abalone Salad & Topshell, Chew Kee Soya Sauce Chicken, Assorted Seafood - Golden Pomfret, Sotong, Fresh Scallop, Sea Prawn, Flower Crab, Assorted Meat - Pork Liver, Black Pig Collar Shabu Shabu, Angus Beef, Wayu Beef, Others - Quail Eggs, Pacific Clam, Sea Asparagus, Pig Stomach, Special Fish Dumplings, Fish Balls, Porks Balls, Kanimi Crabstick, Fish Maw, Tofu, Udon and Assorted Veg & Mushrooms. Dessert of the day - Snow Jelly (by my Aunt Peggy).


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