Apr 28, 2009

Ham & Cheese Ring Bread/Hotdog Bun

I was inspired by Dailydelicious to make this bread. This was on my to bake list for a few months. Finally get to bake it last night.

I learnt bread making few years ago but last night was only my 3rd attempt in bread making. I nearly forgotten how to do it. However, it's still turn out pretty good.

The bread was yummy and definitely going to do it again. Though it was a bit overbaked on the top due to high temperature but it still quite moist & soft inside. I should bake at 180 deg c instead of 200 deg c. I didn't use the recipe from Dailydelicious for the dough. My recipe was from Richard's Baking Class - Assorted Buns.

This recipes can make 2 ring bread. I made one and the balance was rolled into 6 hotdog buns as I didn't have enough ham.

125g Soft Butter
60g Sugar
12.5g Yeast
1/2 Eggs
3/4tsp Salt
175g Water
1/2tbsp Condensed milk
25g Whipping cream
50g Cheddar cheese (shredded)
350g Bread flour
150g Plain flour

Fillings: (extracted from Dailydelicious)
8 slices Honeybaked ham (4 slices + 6 hotdogs)
60g Cheddar cheese
6tbsp Mayonnaise
Extra cheese for sprinkling

1. Mix (A) together using the bread hook at medium speed for 2-3mins.
2. Add in (B) and beat for 10 mins unitl the dough is smooth.
3. Leave aside, cover with dry cloth for about 30 mins or till it double in size.
4. Cut half of the dough, gently press down the dough with a rolling pin and roll it into a rectangle, about 25x25 cm.
5. Brush mayonnaise over the dough then scatter cheddar cheese all over and place the ham on top.
6. Roll it up like a swiss roll and cut into 6 pcs. Then place the dough, cut side down in the greased pan. (20cm chiffon mould)
7. Scatter cheese all over and let it rise until double in size about 1 hr.
8. Continue with the 2nd roll or use the balance dough divide into 6 equal protion (about 65g each). Roll in the hotdog and let it rise until double in size too about 1 hr. Egg wash.
9. Bake ring bread in preheated oven at 180 deg c for 20-25 mins. For small buns, baked at 200 deg c for 10mins or till golden brown.


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