Apr 11, 2009

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat

This is a famous fish head steamboat since 1983 at Serangoon Road near the exit to PIE. Business is so good that they have opened another 2 branches. So now as compared to last time, we don't have to wait for too long. We went there early around 5.30pm for dinner on Easter day to avoid the crowd. Somehow, I find that the food was not as good as it used to be... The last time I came was almost 2 years ago. However, their service was still as bad and you have to go into their kitchen to give them your order instead of they come to you! Their food was so good that most people don't mind about their services and I really hope that they can maintain their food quality...

Garupa Fish Head Steamboat - $30.00 The fish was very fresh but the stock was too mild for my liking and not rich in flavour. You must be very patient when you want them to top up the soup for you and usually they looked very reluctant.

Sambal Cuttlefish Kangkong - $7.00

This was good especially the sambal was yummy and the cuttlefish was thick an crunchy. This is a must order dish.

Tofu Prawn - $12.00

Another popular dish, almost every table will order this but that day the prawns were not fresh but the sauce was good.

Prawn Paste Chicken - $8.00This wings were ordered by me to satisfy my craving for fried chicken but it's taste pretty good.

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat
1383 Serangoon Road
Tel: 6292 9982


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