Dec 2, 2009

Springleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant

22nd Nov 09

One of our Sunday dinner choice - Taiwan Porridge. My ideal Taiwan Porridge should be tasty zi char dishes serve with sweet potato porridge. However, the one at Springleaf was not up to my expectation. The dishes are more like what you can find in a hawker, Teochew Porridge Economical rice stall rather than restaurant standard. Most of the dishes cost $7-$10 like zi char price but portion was small. Most of them are pre-cooked as some of them were served right after we ordered. Probably just heat it up in the microwave except for the Chai-Poh Omelette (forgot to take photo) which I think was freshly cooked.

Porridge/Rice - S$1.20/pax free flow
Fried Szechuan Veg w/Pork Strip - S$7.00

The porridge lack sweet potatoes fragrant and I prefer a thicker consistency but my aunt said the texture was right. The Szechuan veg was quite mild tasting but we liked it.

Fried Brinjal w/Sambal & Minced Pork - S$8.00
Fried Chicken w/Sesame Oil - S$9.00

The brinjal was one of the best dish that night. It's tasty, rich and full of flavour but a bit oily. Sesame chicken was not too bad too.

Steamed Minced Pork w/Salted Fish - S$7.00
Braised Intestine w/Salted Veg - S$9.00

Steamed pork portion was very small, not worth ordering and the minced pork tasted gamey. Braised intestine tasted gamey too and a tad too sweet for our liking.

Fried Sotong w/Sambal - S$9.00
Fried Mussels w/Sambal - S$10.00

Sambal sotong was pretty good but the sambal mussels was way too expensive! We felt like paying for the shell instead and I'm quite sure it was precooked. A lot of mussel flesh has fallen off and the portion we had was mostly empty shell.

To conclude, the food was quite decent and service was attentive. It's expensive economical food in a nice decent restaurant ambience. Notes that there's no service charge and GST. Braised peanut is chargeable at S$2.00 per serving, wet tissue at S$0.40/pax and ice water at $0.50 per table regardless of pax. Our total bill came up to about S$75 for the above order, almost S$18- S$20 per pax which was not very value for money.

Springleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant
18 Jalan Leban
Sembawang Hills Estate
Singapore 577555
Tel: 6453 8229
Business Hrs: 11am - 3pm/6pm - 11pm


foodlovee said...

You say that again.. pre-cooked yet so high prices, thanks saved me from going.

foodlovee said...

Pre-cooked and at these prices ,ridiculous.Sure not worth it.Thanks

Wen said...

Not all are pre-cooked but most of the dishes I had that day were.

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