Mar 9, 2010

Aunt's Cooking - Mar 2010 #Week 1

From March onwards, I will post my Aunt's cooking once a week instead of monthly. If there are any dishes that anyone is interested may drop me a comment and I will post up her recipe.

Our standard 2 dishes homecooked weekday meals by my Aunt. Always thankful to her for such delicious & healthy dinners.

Monday - 1st Mar 2010
Stingray w/Salted Vegetables
Chawamushi w/Shitake mushroom)

Tuesday - 2nd Mar 2010
Fried Batang Fish served w/Balachan Chilli
Mixed Balachan Vegetables

Wednesday - 3rd Mar 2010
Stir Fry Braised Duck w/Ginger
Spinach w/Fermented Beancurb Sauce

Friday - 5th Mar 2010
Golden Pomfret Fish Soup
Xiao Bai Cai w/Oyster Sauce & Shallots Oil


Camemberu said...

Hi Wen! Great blog you have! Hey, I know you said you emailed me your address for the Asmah Laili DVD, but I really cannot find it, not even in my spam folder. I checked all emails but still missing yours. Can you resend it to Thanks

Wen said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and still keeping the DVD for me.

I will resend again. Weird I'm quite sure I sent to the right email and my email is - Hope u are able to receive it this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen
Can you share the two fish dishes recipe? I am a bad cook and I really want to learn to bake and cook from you and your aunty. Thank you

Angie Soh

Wen said...

Hi Angie,

Sure I will post up the recipes soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen
Thank you so much.

Angie Soh

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