Mar 7, 2010

CNY Gathering at Boss's House

20th Feb 2010

Another tradition of the company I work in is that my boss will invite all employees to his house for a gathering during CNY. This year caterer was Purple Sage. It's a hotel style buffet with live station serving Sushi, Mee Siam, Prata, Tempura, Tea Tarik, Rojak, Chocolate Fountain etcs. I dropped by for awhile so only manage to try some of the food and snap some of the live stations photos while the caterer was setting up.

Purple Sage
Live Stations - Sushi/Rojak/Mee Siam/Cocktails/Prata/Teh Tarik/Tempura
Buffet Table - Roast Beef/Mixed Vegetables/Seafood Roll/Fish/Butter Rice/Assorted Petit Cakes/Chocolate Fountain


KennyT said...

wow, lots of food!!

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