Mar 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Cho & Agnes!

10th Mar 2010

A birthday cake I baked for my colleagues. Both birthdays were just 4 days apart, C on the 10th and A on the 14th so we had a joint celebration for them on the 10th.

As I have a bottle of Bailey Irish Cream that I'm so eager to finish up so I decided to make a cake that infused with Bailey. Trying to make one similiar to the one at Pine Garden. Using my favourite sponge cake recipe, subsitute the milk with bailey and vanilla extract with mocha paste. Yes! It turn out real well. For the cream, like making Tiramisu, added Bailey instead of Kahlua. When assembling the cake, brush the sponge layer with Bailey and sprinkle Valhorna Chocolate crunch in it. Finally dust the cake with Valhorna Chocolate powder and decorated it as desired. Have a box of Rocha from CNY, so make full use of it. Though looked like a Tiramisu but doesn't really taste like it. It's really a Bailey cake and all of my colleagues like it very much. It's always pay off when someone complimented that they liked my cakes.


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