Apr 29, 2010

K Ki Takeaway

11th Apr 2010

So much raving about this little Japanese cafe tuck at a corner of Ang Siang Hill. Just simply can't wait to try out their cakes. The first time I went on a late Sunday afternoon and all the cakes were sold out. So disappointed... Never gave up nor forgotten, went again on the following Sunday but earlier. Overjoyed! There were still some cakes for me to takeaway. All are so pretty! I don't have to add on the rave, just check out the following blogs. Skinner than the original , Indulgence after work-out , *the simplest aphrodisiac , Divine Essentials , Vanilla & Breakfast , Amasou, Umasou . All gave very good and details reviews about K Ki. So far I have never read anything no good about them.


One of the best seller and my favourite among the 4 cakes I tried from K Ki. White Chocolate mousse with Mango puree center. So feather light and delicate.

Little Red Riding Hood

Smooth dark chocolate mousse with raspberry puree. This was rather addictive...chocolate lover will love this very much.


Coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and chocolate daquoise. Coconut mousse just don't work for me but I like the passionfruit creme, it was very refreshing.

I also bought the Mont Blanc (no picture because it's melted when I got home so was out of shape). Very nice too, love the crispy tart base.

K Ki
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791
Tel 6225 6650
Opening hour:
11pm - 9pm (Daily)
11pm - 4pm (Thur), 11pm - 4pm (Sat)
(closed on Monday occasionally)


Bella V said...

I want to try the LRRH next!
Btw, which is your favourite cake at k ki? :)

Wen said...

Hi Bella V,

LRRH is really good but my favourite is still the Antoinette. I wish to try the strawberry tart next.

HungryTrotters said...

Hi Wen! You had three in a row? :)

Wen said...

Hi HungryTrotters,

haha, of course not. Share with my family.

Bella V said...

oh yes. strawberry tart, mona, pumpkin pudding. All are so tempting!

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