Apr 5, 2010

My Pasta Craze!

I fall in love with pasta and been craving for it ever since I started watching this Korean drama - Pasta. For the last few weekends at home, I've been cooking pasta in my kitchen. Actually pasta is an easy meal to prepare at any time. Sometimes I used instant Japanese pasta sauce or ready tomatoes pasta sauce, sometimes just simply toss it with olive oil and garlic. I like my pasta al dente and glad that so far mine turn out pretty nice. I read from the net, the trick to al dente texture is to add more salt in the water to cook the pasta. For me, I did add more salt and I always cooked for less than 5 mins, then I will simmer it in the sauce for awhile and it's always turn out al dente.

13 Mar 2010 (Sat)
Half shelled mussel pasta w/basil tomato sauce

Saute olive oil, garlic and mussel till fragrant, pour in ready pasta sauce and half cooked pasta and simmer for awhile till cooked.

20 Mar 2010 (Sat)
Aglio Olio with mussel, clams & fresh basil

Saute clam, mussel, red chilli, garlic and olive oil till fragrant, add some stock and cooked pasta, mix well and seasoned with salt and pepper. Lastly stir in fresh basil and serve.

21 Mar 2010 (Sun)
Easy Carbonara

Watch Rick Stein cooking this in his TV show - Mediterranean Escapes. According to him, the authentic Italian carbonara, cream and parmesan cheese is not used. It's simply eggs and good quality cheese like goat cheese that give a creamy base to the pasta. But I only has parmesan cheese that day in my fridge so I still use that. It's really simple to make this, saute garlic & chopped bacon in olive oil till crisp, add cooked pasta, pasta water, chopped parsley and fry for awhile. Then season with salt and pepper and lastly cracked in eggs and cheese, mix well and serve.

28 Mar 2010 (Sun)
Pasta Vongola

This sauce is really very flavourful and nice. This instant pack pasta sauce can be found in most supermarkets under the Japanese section.

Simply simmer half cooked pasta in the sauce till cooked. For me, I added some clams, chillies and white wine. Wow, it tasted so good and flavourful. My family love it too.

4 Apr 2010
Linguine with home-made tomato sauce and cheese brutwurst

Haha, now you know I'm really crazy for you, pasta! I'm having you almost every week for the last 4 weeks.


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