May 2, 2010

My Bakes - Apr 2010

A busy month of April, did more cooking then baking but still manage to try out some new recipes in my to bake list.

Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

A light and refreshing cheesecake dessert. Well received by my family and colleagues.

Chocolate Chip & Walnuts Cookies

Specially baked this for Sharon as birthday gift.

Green Tea Sables Cookies (Okashi by Keiko)

Try out this recipe and find it a bit sweet for my liking though the texture was good. Packed some of this cookies for Sharon too.

Triple Almond Cookies

Learn this from Chef Christopher's workshop. Very fine and buttery cookies.

Butter Cake

A very moist and fine texture butter cake that my family enjoyed. Thanks AK for sharing this recipe (Source: Judy Koh) with me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wen
It is possible to share the recipe on the strawberry cheesecake dessert? Since Mother Day is just around corner. I would like to bake one for her. Thanks

Angie Soh

Wen said...

Hi Angie,

You may refer to this recipe from Happy Home Baking.

It's almost similiar to the one I made. Happy baking!

Christine Ang said...

Dear Wen,

I wish you can share the recipe of AK's butter cake, it look so soft and moist.

Guess, you have mentioned her name in Jan10 of the cup cake share with you. Her cakes are all so nice, did you learn from her before?

Best Regards

Wen said...

Hi Christine,

Ak is my blogger friend. Sometimes we do exchange of recipes. Sorry I can't post the recipe as is a promise to her.

You may wish to visit her blog at:

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