Sep 14, 2010

Breads Workshop by Audrey Tan at Shermay's

22 Aug 2010

Attended a bread making workshop by Audrey Tan at Shermay's. Been looking forward to this class because my friend Karen was going too. It's been awhile since we last met up. Attending workshop together is the only times we can catch up with each other. Thanks to her for contributing the workshop photos to me as I only manage to snap a few. At Shermay's sometimes it's really quite difficult to take nice pictures where photo sessions are only allowed before or after the class. But with almost 30 people in the class crowded at the counter to snap their favourite shot, you can just imagine it's not an easy task as you have to do it fast like snap and go. Though sometimes I managed to snap some pictures during the class provided that no one complaint.

The class was full that day as the workshop menu was very attractive. Chef Audrey demonstrated 6 types of breads and I liked all of them. We get to taste all the bread she baked during the class. She made it into a sandwiches party where we can eat as much as we want. The sandwiches she made were really yummy and most of us "tabao" home too. The bread was still soft even I ate it the next day. I liked the wholemeal and focaccia bread the most, will be trying out some of recipes soon. Hopefully it turn out well as I'm still not very familiar with bread making.

1) Wholemeal Loaf
A soft and healthy sandwich loaf with wholemeal grains

2) Hard Dinner Rolls
A classic recipe to match with any meal of the day (with variations)

3) Soft Milk Bun
This light yeast dough bun, slightly sweet, is also perfect as a hamburger bun

4) Simple Focaccia
With a cherry tomato confit, Parmesan cheese and herbs

5) Brioche
A classic egg yeast bread bake in loaf and muffin tins

6) Cranberry Walnut Bread
A sweet bread that goes well with cheese or by itself

(The photos above contributed by Karen)

Bread tasting session


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