Nov 27, 2010

A1 Porridge @ Uppper Thomson Road

31st Oct 2010

Visited this porridge house along Upper Thomson Road for dinner. They specialise in claypot porridge and serve other claypot dishes too. There are few varieties of porridges and we chose 2 of them to share. The food is quite decent and priced from S$4.90 onwards.

Hong Kong Style Claypot Porridge

Include fish slices, crunchy cuttlefish, fried white bait, braised peanuts and ginger shreds. Served with 'you tiao'. Not bad.

Mixed Pork Claypot Porridge

This was nicer than the HK style porridge, more rich and flavourful.

All the base porridge was cooked with dry scallop and the texture was rather different from the usual ones. More creamy and thick.

Claypot Seafood Ee-Fu Noodles

This was quite nice but portion was very small. More ingredients than noodles.

Claypot Pork Liver

The liver was not bad too, very flavourful! Sliced thinly and yet not overcooked.

Claypot Pig Organ Soup

This was not really nice, lots of MSG. Also a bit too sweet for our liking. So just stick to their porridge.

A1 Porridge
244R Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6459 4419
Daily: 9am – 2am

*Yeah!!! Finally finish updating all my Oct 2010 backlogs.


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