Nov 25, 2010

Prawn Fishing @ Hai Bin

24th Oct 2010

Prawing is getting popular recently among the youngsters. My cousin & her bf love prawning and Aunt love it too. So on one of the Sunday, she brought Aunt and her parents to try prawning at Hai Bin, the place where she always goes for prawning and I tagged along. Surprise to see quite a crowd, mainly are families and couples. This is a great relaxing activity for family bonding and couple dating.

Hai Bin is located at Sin Ming Ave – Nature Park Golf Driving Range. There are 6 ponds in the compound and operated 24 hours daily. They are currently one of the biggest prawning facilities in Singapore. Live prawns are refilled to the pond twice a day. Other amenities include foodcourt and bbq pits! The charges are as follows:

Rates for Prawning per rod:
1 Hr $15
2 Hrs $25
3 Hrs $30

- Rods and baits are provided at no additional costs.
- BBQ pit, charcoal, fire starters, satay sticks and salt are provided to bbq our catch of the day.
- Unused time can be utilized with purchase of at least 1hr on the next visit. So is more worthwhile and value for money to buy the 3 hours ticket.

The size of each pond and free sitting.

Very relaxing and some even have picnic there.

The baits are chopped chicken heart.

The net for storing our live catch of the day.

This was our 1st catch of the day.

All the prawns come with the claws and usually these are remove when we unhooked it.

We had some snacks while prawning. The stall owners from the foodcourt will go around to take order for food and drinks. They will deliver your orders to you.

There's a homemade ice cream stall in the farm. We tried the green tea & cookie n cream and we preferred the latter.

The BBQ pit area for us to bbq the catch of the day.

haha... these were our catch of the day! We bought 2 rods for 2 hours and we only managed to catch 5 prawns! Quite pathetic! We didn't bring home, just washed and cooked it at the pit. The prawns were farm prawn so quite tasteless.

Prawning anyone try before? Do you enjoy this hobby?

603 Sin Ming Avenue (Golf Range)
Singapore 575735
Tel: 6554 1986
Daily: 24 hours


DG said...

I heard about this prawn fishing before, and thinking go there with family. But some people say it is quite boring, but seeing at your post, it is quite interesting. Should go or not? Any suggestion?

Anonymous said...

I've never tried prawning before hahaha! I want to go and try someday because it looks fun!

Wen said...

Hi DG, it's a good activity for family. Give it a try since is school holidays, great to train kid's patience.

Wen said...

Hi alkanphel, it's quite fun and relaxing!

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