Nov 20, 2010

Teochew Muay (潮州妹)

17th Oct 2010

I was goggling for where to go for dinner on Sunday afternoon and saw "Memoirs of Food" posted a review on porridge buffet at Teochew Muay. Comforting good and value for money according to him plus also recommended by ieatishootipost. Without any hesitation, I told my family to go there for dinner as Teochew porridge is one of our all time favourite.

We went for the buffet as it's really value for money at S$13.80 nett per pax and include unlimited serving of Bak Kut Teh. The restaurant ambiance is cosy with simple interior decor. Service was good and attentive. Dishes are all displayed at the counter and we have to place our order there the first round. Subsequently can just get the waitress to serve as you already know what are available. The spread is not very large but most of the must have dishes for Teochew Porridge are included. Among them my favourite goes to the braised duck and pig intestine. To conclude, the food are generally very homestyle and decent. Thinking of the price, we have no complaints though the dishes are not all hits.

I love the way they serve the dishes like the Korean restaurant serves their side dishes (Banchan). The eggplant and stir fry minced pork are quite nicely done.

Sesame chicken is nice, tender and very tasty. Aunt like the way the cockle was cooked, she said quite authentic. I enjoyed the braised luffa gourd with mushroom, light and refreshing. We repeated order for this.

Braised duck and intestine are included in the buffet which make the buffet even more value for money. This is usually quite costly. Both are tender and nice, well braised and flavourful.

Limited to one serving. Steamed tofu with pork floss topping. My family usually don't take tofu but this was decent. Good to go with porridge.

We always need some green vegetables to balance up the meal. The french bean with dried shrimp was nice but we didn't like the spices used in the ladyfinger.

Bak Kut Teh only available in dinner buffet. The soup was peppery but a bit bland and diluted for our liking.

Braised Mullet Fish in Teochew Style - S$12.90 nett

This was not part of the buffet dishes, was an ala carte promotional item. The fish was fresh tasting but the sauce was too bland and starchy for our liking.

They served plain porridge or rice.

Dessert was Tau Suan but this one was different from the usual one. It was in puree form instead of grainy. Nice and not too sweet.

Teochew Muay Buffet Lunch - Daily 12noon to 3pm
$10.50 per person / Children under 3 years old - FREE

Teochew Muay w/Bak Kut Tek Buffet Dinner - Daily 6pm to 10pm
$13.80 per person / Children under 3 years old - FREE

Teochew Muay
5 Mohd Sultan Road
Singapore 239014
Tel: 6235 0338


Anonymous said...

Quite disappointed with the limited food variety & service on 25.12.2010 dinner at 8pm, Jia Wei a good service staff there but Jessica's lousy attitude definitely make us hesitate to visit again (even their food is nice), around 8.50pm she came to urge us to make our last order as they are going to clear up, I've repeatly remind her their business hour should be up to 10pm. Teochew Muay Boss please look into this incident.

Wen said...

Hi Annoymous, thanks for the update. Sorry to know that you didn't enjoy your meal there.

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