Dec 19, 2010

Seah's Emperor Herb Chicken

Seah's Spices have been around in Singapore for years and specialised in premix spices. Easily available in local wet markets and supermarkets. Their products include premixes for stir fried, deep fried, broth, soup, roasted, steamed and braised dishes. They even have premix for dessert and beverage. Anyone who don't know how to cook can easily whip up some homestyle dishes without much effort, making it so convenient and fuss free. The best part is the premixes are mostly concocted rather well. One of my favourite will be the Emperor Herb Chicken Spice which I had made numerous times in the past. Since Aunt came over to stay with us, I have not been cooking much except for weekends.

I was at the supermarket thinking to cook something nice and fuss free on a Saturday evening instead of buying takeaway. Seah's spice came to my mind so decided to grab a pack and a chicken home to cook. It's so easy to prepare and the only hassel was the long hour of steaming so this can only be done on weekend. Aunt was the first time trying the Emperor chicken and I am glad she likes it.

1 whole Kampong Chicken - approx 1 - 1.2kg (remove the head)
1 pack Seah's Emperor Herb Chicken Spices
HDPE wrapper and aluminium foil (incl. in packet)
3 nos of red dates (remove the seed)
2 dried shitake mushroom (soak to soften and slice it)
1 tbsp brandy
Spring onion, coriander & red chilli for garnishing

1. Appy Seah's Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices on skin and internal of chicken.
2. Add in the mushroom, red dates & brandy.
3. Wrap chicken with HDPE wrapper and aluminium foil.
4. Steam for about 2½ hours using low fire. Garnish & serve hot.

After 2.5 hours of steaming, the chicken was ready to serve for dinner. The sauce was so flavourful and sweet tasting with the essence of chicken. The chicken was steamed till very soft and tender. It's a comfort dish to go with steaming hot rice.

Complete my dinner with a simple stir fry chinese cabbage with clams. What a wonderful homecooked meal!


Anita said...

Yes,this is my favorite too :)
Too bad this Emperor Herb Chicken Premix Spices not available here... :(

Wen said...

Hi AK,

I can sent to you if you like. They have other interesting premixes too.

Anita said...

Oh Wens,you are so kind.
That would be great.(blushing..) Heheheh

Big kiss!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can bake the chicken in the oven instead of steaming it/ Can the HDPE wrapper stand the oven, you think?


DG said...

I like Seah's brand too! Usually cook this at home, it's very simple and taste good :)

Wen said...

Hi OM, I think you can try but do not use the plastic sheet, the foil should be no problem to withstand the heat. Happy cooking!

Wen said...

Hi DG, have you tried other Seah's spices other than Herb Chicken? Any recommendation? Any one worth trying?

DG said...

So far, beside this, I tried Black Chicken Soup & Herbal Chicken Soup. All taste good too!

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