Jan 5, 2011

Chuan Garden Restaurant

5th Dec 2010

60 Dishes Authentic Szechuan Cuisine A la Carte Buffet with Drinks @ Only $18nett instead of $36 at Chuan Garden!!! So tempting & such a good deal right! Yes I was attracted by this advertisement at FB by BigDeal.sg and bought 4 vouchers right away online. We went with high expectation but was disappointed with the food, simply didn't suit our palate or perhaps too authentic. Though there are 60 dishes to choose from but limited cooking style and only one type of dessert offered on the menu. Almost all the dishes are cooked the same way with lots of chilli oil, szechuan peppercorn & dried chillies! Practically almost all the dishes we ordered were soaking with chilli oil. What displeased us the most were they won't serve you in small portions, all came in standard size. We only manage to try 13 out of the 60 dishes. Out of the 13 dishes, most of it we couldn't finish, just too 'jerlard', spicy and oily! Really an unpleasant dining experience of Szechuan cuisine.

Szechuan Chilli Crab & Fish

The crab was not bad but the fish was not fresh and very fishy.

Duck Gizard & Fried Chicken

The duck gizzard seasoning tasted quite weird so we didn't like it. The fried chicken with dried chilli was quite nice, very peppery and fragrant.

Big Intestines & Chicken in Curry flavour

The intestine was cooked like the fried chicken above so pretty nice but the other chicken dish we didn't like it.

Eggplant & French bean

Eggplant was nice but too much oil and french bean was too salty.

Slice fish in Chilli Oil & Tomatoes Egg Soup

I had this dish in Shanghai before and I liked it very much but the version here was lousy, just chilli oil with tasteless dory fillet. Tomatoes egg soup was a delight after trying the spicy and oily stuff. I think we enjoyed this the most.

Dan Dan Noodles & Dumplings

Oh mine! Look at the noodles also came in a bowl of oil but the noodle texture was nice, very good bouncy bite. The dumpling skin was too thick for our liking.

Pumpkin Balls

The only sweet item on the buffet menu. Simple but nice.

Chuan Garden Restaurant
79/79A/81/81A Pagoda Street
Right Outside ChinaTown MRT Exit A
Singapore 059238
Tel: 6222 3451

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 11pm


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