Mar 19, 2011

Abalone Chicken Congee

Recipe requestd by Tan & Lay... enjoy! Happy Cooking!

1 cup Rice (Thai rice)
1/2 cup Calrose/Jap rice (Rinse till water is clear)
700ml Chicken stock***
1 can Abalone (Slice thinly, keep the broth for cooking congee)
1 whole Chicken (1.2kg)
50g Dried scallops
1 clove garlic
Garnishing - Spring onion, Chinese Parsley & Fried Onion Oil

Salt approx 1 tsp (to taste)
Sugar 1/2 tsp

***Preparation of Chicken Stock
1. Boil 1 whole chicken & garlic in 1L water till chicken just cooked.
2. Take out chicken, debone and shred the meat. Seasoned the shredded chicken meat with soya sauce and sesame oil. Set aside as porridge topping.
3. Place all the chicken bones back to the pot of water to get chicken stock.

1. Wash the rice and add in chicken stock, abalone broth & dried scallop. Start cooking at high fire reduce to low/medium fire once it's start boiling. Check the congee consistency by stirring occasionally to prevent it from burning.
2. Add boiling water when necessary. Simmer till it becomes congee.
3. Add seasoning to taste.
4. Served congee with sliced abalone, shredded chicken & garnishing.


Cuisine Paradise said...

This is more than a bowl of comfort food.... look at those abalone!!!!!

Lay said...

thanks a bunch! will cook it and thus less hawker food!

Wen said...

Ellena, is luxurious comfort!

Wen said...

Lay, it's my pleasure! Hope u like it.

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