Mar 24, 2011

My favourite stalls @ Maxwell Food Centre

9 Jan 2011

Maxwell Food Centre is one of the very famous hawker centre in Singapore. I used to have lunch at Maxwell FC almost every weekdays years ago where my workplace was just opposite. I really miss those days, I will never have to think of what to have for lunch as the food there are mostly very nice. Recently I went there with my family for lunch on weekend. Glad that most of my favourite stalls are opened on Sunday. Here's what we satisfying and yummy!

Zhen Zhen Porridge
Stall 54 @ Maxwell Food Centre

Fish Belly Porridge - Super fine congee texture with generous serving of fish. We queued the longest for this, almost 30 mins but was worth it.

Raw fish salad - another popular items and must order to go with the congee.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Stall 10 @ Maxwell Food Centre

The famous chicken rice where it even attract tourists to find their way to Maxwell FC to savour their Chicken rice. Yes they are that popular!

Succulent and tender poached chicken with the delicious dressing that pair so well with the fragrant and flavourful rice.

Beansprout with cuttlefish - we enjoyed this too, the bean sprouts were plump and juicy!

Rickshaw Noodles
Stall 87 @ Maxwell Food Centre

I used to buy breakfast from them almost twice a week. I simply like the way the old uncle fried the bee hoon, there's wok hei in it. Very old school feel...

Rickshaw mee sau/noodles are special too... I don't see stalls selling these except here. A lot regulars will have a bowl of this with beehoon. It's a comfort food or taste like granny's food. A must try!

Fried items to compliment the Rickshaw noodles where you pick what you want and the old couples will fried it on the spot. All are very nice especially the fried prawns are very popular, sold out real fast.

Jin Hua Fish Head Noodles
Stall 77 @ Maxwell Food Centre

Tried so many fishhead noodles from other hawker cenres, still this is the best! The fish was nicely seasoned and fried, the stock is so rich and tasty!

75 Peanut Soup
Stall 57 @ Maxwell Food Centre

I'm not an asian dessert person but I particularly enjoy this red bean brown rice dessert with tangyuan. It was so well done and not overlysweet. Another comfort food of mine! A must try but they are not opened on Sunday.

Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street
(Along Maxwell Road)
Singapore 069184


red fir said...

I love rickshaw noodles too! The yellow kind. The other place you can get 拉车面 is from Tao Yuan Cooked Food at Beo Crescent market. Cheap & good!

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wowow I wan to try all these :p I love the self-fried fritter there.. used to be 10 cent each and you get to fry it yourself :p

Edith said...

I love this food center as well. I grew up just opp them in Chinatown.

BTW, next time you might want to try ngoh hiang, oneh oneh stall and the ham jim pang. Another hot favourite of mine.

Wen said...

Hi Ice, thanks for the recommentation!

Wen said...

Hi Ellena, yes the fried fritter is very popular. Used to be father & daughter, now is mother & daughter... I have not eaten that for years, miss that too!

Wen said...

Hi Edith, I remember you said you will request for oneh oneh without!

WINNIE said...

Most of the stall is relocated to Maxwell from the old market at China Square in the 70’s. I was born there and most of the stall owner wills my neighbors.

Remember the rickshaw mee sua in the past they cook it with 猪血 so delicious but too sad that now 猪血is ban here.

The ham jim pang was sold at 5cents at that time and always long queue. I can eat 10pcs on my own.

The ngoh hiang stall near the fruits stall I love their Pork liver. There is also a stall selling soon kueh/yam cake and pumpkin cake etc...The soon kueh is so popular and have to call and order.

Whenever I go there will always support the aunty and uncles stall who watch me from kids

Wen said...

Hi Winnie,

thanks for sharing! All the stalls u mentioned I like it too especially the soon kueh. I like the wanton noodles few stalls away from the soon kueh but the stall had shifted out already. I wonder where they are now...

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