Mar 21, 2011

The Paramount Restaurant

8 Jan 2011

Aunt Peggy had a few $50 dining vouchers from Tung Lok group expiring in end Jan 11 so we been dining at The Paramount Restaurant pretty often in January even our reunion dinner Pengcai was ordered from there. The Paramount Restaurant is probably one of the older establisment under Tung Lok Group. Specialised in Cantonese cuisine and popular for it's dim sum buffet and ala carte buffet dinner. As the voucher could not be used on buffet so we went for ala carte dim sum. The dim sum served here is average tasting and pricing is very reasonable too. Though it's either fantastic nor no good, but still was able to satisfy.

Usually for dim sum, we tend to order the same! You will get what I mean if you browse through my previous post on dim sums. We had quite a few items that Saturday and total bill came up to $120 for 5 people. After the $50 voucher, was only $70... very worth!

Steamed dim sum
Prawn Dumplings, Chicken feet, Curry cuttlefish & Scallop dumplings

BBQ & fried dim sum
BBQ pork, Beancurb skin roll, Crispy white bait fish & Fried salmon skin

Filler dim sum
California maki, Char siew pau, Century egg porridge & Prawn rice roll

All time favourite...
Steamed custard bun

Mango pudding, Red bean paste pancake, Yam paste in coconut & Almond cream paste

The Paramount Restaurant
30 East Coast Road #01-01/02
Paramount Hotel & Shopping Arcade
Singapore 428751
Tel : +65 6440 3233
Fax : +65 6440 1933
Opening Hours : Mon - Sun
Lunch : 11:30am - 2:30pm (Sun starts at 10.00am)
Dinner : 6:30am - 10:30pm


j3ss kitch3n said...

the custard bun got me drooling! i'm so going to make a batch of custard buns soon! i swear upon it!

Wen said...

Jess, really? Can pass me some... I love that too!

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