Mar 13, 2011

Post CNY celebration at home

20 Feb 2011

Invited my buddies over to my place for lunch, a post CNY celebration. My friends love our cooking and always look forward to the meals we prepared. Let's take a look at what we served for lunch...some prepared by me and some by Aunt.

Abalone Chicken Porridge

A mixture of calrose rice and Thai fragrant rice, give a thick and smooth texture porridge. Aunt used a whole chicken, dried scallops & abalone broth to boil the porridge to give a very rich and flavourful porridge. She also added pacific clam in. Very delicious! Most of us took at least 2 bowls.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Used to be a popular dim sum item in the earlier days. Now is not so commonly seen. My aunt has a very good recipe and I had made quite a few times in the past. My friends love it too so I decided to make some. Will share the recipe in my next post.

The marinated chicken with spring onion and shredded ginger were wrapped in the paper (specially for frying) and deep fried. The chicken was flavourful and juicy. Yummy!

Puffy Prawn Fritters

Made this again as my uncle love it very much. Kept singing praises since he had it on reunion dinner.

See recipe here.

Fried Bee Hoon with Canned Stewed Pork Ribs

See recipe here.

Valerie's Durian Rolls


busygran said...

WoW! What a spread! How I wish someone like your aunt would cook for me!

Wen said...

Hi Judy, you can cook very well too!

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