Apr 25, 2011

Easter April 2011 $20 Budget Meal - Easy Hot & Spicy Meal

To whip up a nice hot and spicy meal is no longer a difficult chore nowadays with so many ready paste available in the market. I remembered my grandma used to spend a lot of times preparing rempah (chilli paste). Even my aunt who's cook very well also find it tedious to do so. So usually I will buy the rempah from the wet market where some of the stalls sell homemade type. Am submitting this easy hot and spicy menu to [Easter April 2011 $20 Budget Meal] hosted by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise.

S$20 Budget Meal Summary (Serve 4) - Total cost S$17.75

S$20 Budget Meal S$17.75 - Cost breakdown
Seah's Chicken Curry - S$10.60
Fried Egg Sambal - S$4.40
Stir Fry Bittergourd & Clam in Miso Sauce - S$2.75

Seah's Chicken Curry

Seah's Chicken Curry (S$10.60)
1 pkt Seah's Singapore Chicken Curry Spices - $2.60
1.2kg Chicken (cut into bite size) - $5.70
100g Rempah (Chilli paste) - $1.30
3 Potatoes (Peeled, cut into big chunks & deep fried) - $0.60
1 Onion (chopped) & 1 Red chilli - $0.40

Follow the instruction on the package.

Fried Egg Sambal

Fried Egg Sambal (S$4.40)
1 box (6 nos) CP Chilled Eggs (hardboiled) - $2.50
30g Silver fish (Rinse, dry & fried till crispy for topping) - $0.60
100g Rempah (Chilli paste) - $1.30

Seasoning for Rempah:
2 shallots (chopped)
15g assam water (mix 2tbsp water to extra juice)
1 tbsp stock
1/2 tsp vetsin
1 tsp sugar

1. Prepare the sambal sauce, heat oil to fry shallot till soften, add rempah and the rest of the seasoning, fry till fragrance. Set aside for topping.
2. Heat oil in a saucer to deep fry hardboiled egg till golden brown.
3. Half it and place nicely on the serving plate.
4. Top with sambal sauce and crispy silver fish to serve.

Stir Fry Bittergourd & Clam with Miso Sauce

Stir Fry Bittergourd & Clam with Miso Sauce (S$2.75)
1 no (approx 400g) Bittergourd (deseed and slice) - $1.25
100g Frozen clam meat - $1.00
2 slices Ginger, 2 cloves Garlic (chopped), 1 Red chilli (sliced) - $0.50
1 tbsp miso paste

100ml stock
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp wine

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil to fry ginger & garlic till golden.  Add miso paste and fry for another 1 min till fragrant.
2. Add in bittergourd and cover to cook on high heat till cooked. Add some water when necessary.
3. Add in clam meat, chilli and seasoning, simmer till sauce thicken.
4. Dish out and serve.

Hope you like my easy hot and spicy meal!


Ellena (cuisine paradise) said...

Omg! Can i have the Fried Egg Sambal!~ Plssssss.... I love this!!!!

cKAja said...

looks like indonesian food too. Gonna try this recipe, thanks

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