Sep 16, 2011

Father's Day Celebration @ Ah Yat

19th June 2011

During special occasion like Father's Day, most restaurants will come up with value for money set menu to attract the crowds. This year Father's Day we chose to dine at Ah Yat Seafood as we saw the ads from the newspaper, the set meal they offered were really attractive and value for money! We were a group of 8 but we had the set meal for 6 pax and added on some dishes from the ala carte menu. However the portion they served were good, some of the dishes were enough for the 8 of us. Overall we had an enjoyable dinner!   

Happy Father's Day Set Meal - 6 pax @ $252++ / 10 pax @ $388++

Cold dish - Crown's Supreme Fresh Abalone "Ah Yat" Style

The dinner kicked off with a cold dish! Cousin's favourite abalone!

BBQ Suckling Pig w/Jelly Fish Combination

Braised Shark's Fin with Four Treasure

Baked Boston Lobster in Superior Soup 

This dish is worth a mentioned, is the best executed dish for the evening! Full of wok fragrant and the lobster had absorbed the richness of the soup making it even more tasty!  

Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish

Fried Alaska King Crab with White Pepper

Stewed Mushroom with Lettuce

Braised Longevity "E-Fu" Noodles

Dessert Choice: Mango Pudding/Sweetened Red Bean Soup

Complimentary Mini Longevity Bun

Additional orders from Unique Seafood Market which offers 40% discount on weekends:

Steamed Bamboo with Garlic Soya Sauce  - $37.00++

Mango Clam in Spicy Sauce - $22.00++

"Gong Po" Live Frog Leg - $17++ (for 4)

200 Turf Club Rd #02-06
Main Grandstand Turf City
Singapore 287994
Tel: 68832112
Opening Hours :
Lunch: 11am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10.15pm (Last order)


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