Jan 17, 2012

PrimaDeli's Fortune Pineapple Tarts

Usher into the Year of Dragon with PrimaDeli's Chinese New Year goodies! This year PrimaDeli is bringing back its much loved pineapple tarts in three selections - Fortune Pineapple Tarts, Pillow Pineapple Tarts and Divine Pineapple Tarts. Among them, the Fortune Pineapple Tarts are more unique as they are individually packed in auspicious red organza bags to retain freshness. An elegant and perfect festive gift to give and receive. Click here to view PrimaDeli's Chinese New Year promotional items!

PrimaDeli's Fortune Pineapple Tarts are available in all PrimaDeli's outlets at $1.60 per bag.

Fortune Pineapple Tarts are filled with aromatic pineapple pulp within a soft baked crust. Though the pastry is not very buttery but has a good melt in the mouth texture and the sweet & sour pineapple filling is not overly sweet.  

Shaped like a pineapple to symbolise prosperity and good luck!

Thank you PrimaDeli and Ruby Hoang of Foreword Communications.


Angiesrecipes said...

How adorable those pineapple cookies in pineapple shape!

cy Chew said...

Hmm .. very nice.. it looks like those wedding gift sets..
Good .. kids will love it

cy Chew said...

Very nice .. 
Kids will love it...

Veronica Krystle Davis said...

I am seeing so many wonderful pineapple cookies and I can't wait to eat them. I am waiting for my sister in law to bring me a tin. She got a good source and the cookies are very delicious. I am sure yours are too. Happy Dragon Year to you and family.

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