Feb 1, 2012

Miso Chap Chye (Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables)

Chap chye is a popular vegetables dish for CNY. This is my aunt's version of chap chye using Japanese miso paste. We served this on CNY day 1 lunch. Simple and delicious!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #15 - Auspicious Dishes for CNY (January 2012) hosted by me, Wen of Wen's Delight! Please note that the submission date has been extended to 6th Feb 2012 (which is the last day of CNY).

Miso Chap Chye
300g Cabbage (cut into pieces)
150g Fresh Shitake Mushroom (halve it)
15g Black Fungus (soaked, cleaned & remove hard cores)
1tbsp Miso paste
2 cloves Garlic (chopped)
1 1/2 nos Red Chillies (chopped)

Sauce: (mix together, set aside)
3tbsp Stock (60ml)
1/2 tsp Sugar
1tsp Wine
1/2tsp Cornflour
1/2tbsp Water

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil to fry garlic till almost golden, add chilli and miso. Fry till aromatic.
2. Add black fungus and cabbage to fry for awhile. Add mushroom and sauce to stir fry till cooked.


Zoe said...

This dish is interesting having miso in our usual chap chye.  I love this idea.

DG said...

Got surprise for you, hope you get it from my blog :)

Edith said...

Interesting recipe!

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