Aug 5, 2012

Rice Paddy Fields @ Ubud, Bali

Day 2 (Part 2) - 26th Aug 2011

We went for an early morning walk around the resort. Hoping to catch the sunrise. There are many rice paddy fields in Ubud. You can find it simply everywhere. Walking along the paddies, feeling the fresh air where you can never get it in the city area, is a retreat to the soul and mind. Simply pleasurable!  

Beautiful sunrise at the paddy field

The crops neatly planted in the paddy field is a beautiful picture.

Another picture perfect view...

The pathway that link us to the resort.

Many different sizes of rice terraces in Ubud.

There's a water buffalo living in the shabby hut. 

On the way back to our resort - Anahata. Very laid back in Ubud as compared to Kuta. 

The traditional alarm!

Very common to see hens roaming around the paddy field. 

That's how they rear the ducks... is it that's why it was named as 'The Dirty Duck"!

A typical entrance of a Balinese house in the village.

A provision shop at the bus stop.

The road to our resort is very narrow. Time to go back for a shower and breakfast...


Cycle of Rice Cultivation in Ubud, Bali

The whole rice cultivation process takes about 3-4 months. Rice is not only a staple to the Balinese but also form an important part of Bali's history, religion and culture. Rice planting methods vary from villages but the cycles of planting, cultivation and harvesting, along with traditional rituals and prayers are all very similar.

Before planting, the rice fields are flooded and ploughed by water buffalo. A small area reserved for planting rice seed to grow into seedlings.

The mature seedlings are then planted by hand to the rice field (Sawah) in rows and about a foot apart.

This part of the cycle is traditionally carried out by men in Bali.

The planted field. Gorgeous looking!

The maturing rice field on terrace.

This is the most worrisome part for the farmers when the rice starting to mature as crows will start patronising the field eating up the rice crops. At this stage, they will start putting up long strings of banners made of cloth and plastic to scare the crows away. And the whole family of the farmer will take turn to guard the precious crop.

The harvest field. As the field turns yellow or golden, the harvest will begin soon.

A close up shot of matured rice.

Our driver pulled out some crops for us to bring home. It's a pity we did not manage to view the closing up of the harvest. At the harvesting stage, traditionally is carried out by the Balinese's women.

Stay tune on my next post... Ubud market place.


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