Oct 24, 2012

Dian Xiao Er @ Nex

Dian Xiao Er is one of my favourite chain Chinese restaurant. Whenever Groupon has promotion on the roast duck, I will buy the voucher which give me an excuse to dine there. Other than the signature herbal roast duck, other dishes are very well executed too especially the cod fish is a must try. 

Signature Herbal Roast Duck

Silver Cod Fish in Superior Soya Sauce 

Sir Fry Sweet Pea and Celery

Baby Kailan with Salted Fish & Lime

Herbal Chicken Soup

23 Serangoon Central
#02-09/10 Nex Mall
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 4828

Visited on 11/9/11


Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

Dian Xiao Er is my fav chain too. I think it's better than soup restaurant.

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