Apr 12, 2013

CNY 2013 Celebration!

A quick post on my CNY 2013 celebration! I literally feast my way through the month of Feb 2013...lol!

The preparation of the celebration started with spring cleaning and simple decoration at home! Followed by marathon baking of CNY goodies! Thanks again to Roger, Sharon and Sandra for the goodies you gave me and hope all of you enjoyed mine too!  

3rd Feb 2013
Lai Huat Famous Sambal Fish Restaurant @ Toa Payoh

A pre-reunion dinner with aunt, mum, brothers and uncle's family! It's a special day in our family because it was an ice breaking dinner with my mum too. We have not been on talking term for years and finally this CNY we decided to let bygones be bygones! 

6th Feb 2013
Paradise Inn @ Thomson Plaza

A Pre-CNY lunch with colleagues before my workplace closed for CNY holidays. As I'm working in construction industry so usually we will close days before the public holidays.

9th Feb 2013
Reunion Dinner 2013 @ Home

This year we cooked dishes instead of steamboat for the reunion. A sumptuous 9 course homely dishes for our reunion dinner!

We had 9 dishes in total! We ordered 'Lohei' from Sakae Sushi and Samsui Chicken with 3 treasures from Soup Restaurant. The rest of the dishes were homecooking. We had Steamed Teochew style pomfret, Stir fry prawns in special sauce, Stewed mushroom and seacucumber, Ngoh hiang (homemade meat rolls), Stir fry leek with black fungus and roasted pork, Spinach with Abalone and Pig and fish maw soup

10th Feb 2013
CNY Day 1

Aunt will always wake up early on CNY day 1 and prepared lunch for us and the visitors! All our favourites food like Belachan Beehoon, Sharkfin soup, Fried dumplings and sotong balls, Prawn fritters, and Broccoli with scallops! And I baked a Mandarin Orange and Pistachio butter cake for teabreak too!

11th Feb 2013
CNY Day 2

Usually day 2 is visiting day but we woke up early that day to prepare some food for my uncle's guest. As Aunt Peggy was not feeling well so we gave him a helping hand! Korean rice roll and orange chiffon cake prepared by me. Aunt prepared the Fried Beehoon and Grilled Misowings

12th Feb 2013
CNY Day 3 - Hoon's Birthday Celebration!

A ladies day out to celebrate Hoon's birthday! We had tea at TCC @ Isetan Scott. Caught a movie and had dinner at Au Petit Salut! So sweet of Hwee to make Valentine's card for us! Love you and hope Hoon you enjoyed the day!

14th Feb 2013
CNY Day 5 - Valentine's Day! 

Take out from the zi char near my house. We had an enjoyable and cosy dinner at home to celebrate V day! You know home is the best place to eat crabs! We had black pepper crab, Braised duck with seacucumber and sambal french bean!

15th Feb 2013
CNY Day 6 - 开工大吉 

First day of work after the long CNY break! Lion dance to bless and bring luck to the office which is a norm practice of my bosses. Followed by  lunch from Deli Hub Catering.

16th Feb 2013
CNY Day 7 - Buddies gathering at Jaime's! 

Jaime the host prepared steamboat, air-fry chicken wings, lohei and brownie with ice cream for us! Good company and good food equal to an excellent enjoyable evening!

17th Feb 2013
CNY Day 8 - My Open House!

My turn to host a CNY lunch for my buddies. We prepared almost the same spread of food as CNY Day 1. Added Kimbap and jelly for dessert.

A catch up dinner with my uncle's family at Uncle Leong Seafood @ Toa Payoh after my friend left my place! Simply love the Crab beehoon soup though I'm not a crab lover!

18th Feb 2013
CNY Day 9 

CNY lunch with colleagues at Sembawang White Beehoon! We visit this zi char quite frequent recently as my colleagues love white beehoon very much!

22th Feb 2013
CNY Day 10 

A Pre-Yuan Xiao celebration lunch with my work lunch buddies at Sushi Tei @ Thomson Plaza!  

Boss's CNY open house is an annual affair where he will invite all staff to his house for a dinner gathering. This year catering from Kriston (now known as Megu Catering Concept). I'm surprised that the food from such a prestige caterer was disappointing that evening. 

24th Feb 2013
Yuan Xiao Jie!

Yuan Xiao Jie - the last day of CNY! We had another reunion dinner at home. A simple and enjoyable steamboat

As for dessert, I baked some brownies. Served it with Haagen dazs vanilla ice cream and strawberries contributed by my gor who just flew back from Korea! 

That's how I spend my CNY 2013 and seem to be all about food! Wahahaha!!!


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