Jul 11, 2013

The Manhattan Fish Market

Bought Groupon's deal and gave my family a treat at The Manhattan Fish Market, J8. Not impressed by the food probably will be our first and last visit. 

Seafood Platter - A very generous portion enough to serve 4 for the small eaters.   

Fiery Hot Whole Barramundi - Quite wow by the serving of whole fish. A pity the fish was quite dried.

Light Chicken in Olio - This was forgettable! The pasta was overcooked. As for the chicken was dry and hard!

Caesar Salad with Crispy White Bait - Love this! Especially the crispy bait was so appetising that went went well with the salad.

Manhattan Mud Pie - Just a thick slice of freezing hard dark chocolate ice cream top with a tin layer brownie like cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. A nice cooling and sweet dessert to clean the palate after all the deep fried food.  

9 Bishan Place
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Tel/Fax: 6352 4034
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Visited on: 09/10/11


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