Oct 11, 2015

Asahikawa Miso Ramen

Sharing a quick and easy weekend meal idea!

Asahikawa Miso Ramen! Soup base was rich and tasty, noodle texture was smooth with good bite! Served with Japanese ramen char siew, ramen egg, cooked scallops, spinach and spring onion! A yummy bowl sumptuous ramen! 

Fresh Asahikawa ramen pack that comes with soup base. Bought it from Takashimaya Hokkaido Fair few days ago at $10 per pack! There are 3 flavours available but usually I will go for miso.

Ready to use Japanese ramen char siew from Mmmm! shop at Square 2 was very yummy as well! Thawed the package by cooking in boiling water for 12-15 mins, remove the wrap and sliced it up but a bit difficult to slice nicely lol. After slicing can slightly pan fried it for better flavour! 

Leftover char siew packed into my bento for Monday's worklunch! Haha... Japanese style char siew rice with tamago, cherry tomatoes and poached green!


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