Oct 26, 2015

Hong Kong - 17/04/2015 to 20/04/2015

This was my 3rd Hong Kong trip with my BFFs! Blogged about the trip on Dayre (links attached below) and on my instagram #wenhongkongapr15

Day 1 - 17/04/15
Arrival - Kam Wah Cafe - Tsim Sha Tsui - Sham Shui Po - Cheung Fat Noodles - SenRyo - Hong Kong Coliseum.

Hotel for 3 nights - Royal Plaza Hotel, link to Mongkok East Station and Moko Mall! 

Breakfast at our favourite Kam Wah Cafewalking distance from hotel.

A visit to Hong Kong is not complete if you never step into Sham Shui Po!

Delicious lunch at Cheung Fat Noodles 長發麵家

Dinner at SenRyo, Grand Century Place.

Went for "Fish Leong 2015 World Tour Concert" at Hong Kong Coliseum

Day 2 - 18/04/15
Luk Yu Tea House - Pottinger Street - Central - PMQ - Causeway Bay - Shun Kee Typoon Shelter - Smile Yogurt

Yum Cha at Luk Yu Tea House!

Central district, Hong Kong. Favourite shop to visit - Goods of Desire.

PMQ Hong Kong, a place for creativity!

Tried some of the popular eats at Central, Hong Kong. 
- Very good herbal jelly and sugarcane juice from Kung Lee.
- Yummy Roast goose from Yat Lok Restaurant.
- Best ice milk tea from Lan Fong Yuen Cha Chan Teng.
- Favourite egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery.
- Sai Yong (wanton noodle) from Mak's Noodle.

After shopping at Causeway Bay, went to Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter for seafood dinner on the boat!

After dinner at Shun Kee, walked to nearest Tin Hau station! Really surprised that the train was empty at 9 pm. Quite unusual scene in HK, lol! Had a yogurt dessert at Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar (Moko) before we called off the day! 

Day 3 - 19/04/15
Lin Heung Tea House - Agnes b Cafe - Wan Chai - Oddies Foodies - Fa Yuen Street - Tsim Sha Tsui - Little Sheep - Mongkok

Breakfast at Lin Heung Tea House

2nd breakfast at Agnes b Cafe LPG, Gough Street.

Explore Wan Chai!

Creative dessert - Crispy egglets waffle with gelato from Oddies Foodies!

Fa Yuen Street. Spicy curry fishballs are one of our favourite HK street food! Another personal favourite is the red bean pancake from traditional bakery - 奇趣饼家 Kee Sui Cake Shop.

Stocked up some famous Yuen Long Ho To Tai noodles on our last day. They have a branch at Mongkok, walking distance from our hotel!

Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui.

One of the popular HK street food! Braised squid, intestines & duck gizzard drizzled with sweet sauce and mustard! So good! Chance upon this stall at Tsim Sha Tsui! 
第三代肥仔小食店 尖沙咀厚福街3號華博商業大厦G1地舖 

Steamboat buffet dinner at Little Sheep, Tsim Sha Tsui.

A trip to HK is not complete without visiting the full of life and vibrant Mongkok

Day 4 - 20/4/15
Kam Wah Cafe - One Dim Sum - Hong Kong aiport - Singapore

Dim sum brunch at One Dim Sum before going home! This mark the end of our 4 days 3 nights eat and shop Hong Kong trip! Always looking forward to our next vacation together!


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