Oct 28, 2008

Sukiyaki Hotpot

Sunday - 26 Oct 2008
This long weekend was a busy holidays for me, I had spent 2 days doing grooming for my dogs and also need to bake a cake for my brother's BD. On days like these, too tired to go out for dinner, we will do some real simple cooking. So hotpot is the best solution, we love these very much as its easy to make, delicious and is satisfying.

Kikoman Sukiyaki Sauce - An easy to use sauce to make sukiyaki hotpot. This can be found in all major supermarkets.

Sukiyaki hotpot - Ingredients:
1. Very thinly sliced pork (Shabu Shabu)
2. Leek
3. Chinese cabbage
4. Golden mushroom
5. Spring onion
6. Japanese bean vermicelli (see pic below)
7. Tofu (Usually I omit as my aunt don't take tofu)
8. Any other ingredients you want to use (I like to add fish maw)
9. Stock (to add more flavour instead of using plain water)

1. Assemble all ingredients into the pot except the meat.
2. Add stock and sauce, bring to boil.
(if using stock, do not add too much sukiyaki sauce, it will be too salty)

Get this from all major supermarkets at the japanese products section.


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