Oct 29, 2008

Tiramisu Cake

Monday - 27 October 2008

I had make a Tiramisu cake for my brother. It's his 39th Birthday and our family was going out for dinner tonite with him.

Tiramisu, the most heavenly and popular classic Italian desserts. It is made with ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese. It can be made in a trifle bowl or a loose bottom pan. Today I use plain sponge cake instead of ladyfingers as I want it to be a birthday cake.

There are many recipes out there, this is the recipe that I always use (altered from Phoon Huat & Richard Goh's recipes)

250g Mascarphone cheese
45g Sugar
3 Egg yolks
100g Coffee liquor Kahlua
10g Gelatin (soak with 3 thbsp cold water)
250g Fresh cream (I prefer President brand)
Cocoa Powder for dusting
Plain Sponge Cake (9") (refer to Cake: Basic sponge cake) or use ready ladyfingers

Syrup for brushing:
1. 90g Hot water
2. 30g Sugar / Demarara sugar
3. 10g Nescafe Gold instant coffee
4. 10g Coffee Liquor (Kahlua)
- Mix 1 to 3 till sugar melted & when cool, add in 4, set aside.

1. Whisk egg yolk and sugar in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until thick and creamy. Add in half of the mascarpone cheese, mix well and set aside.
2. Mix the other half of the mascarphone cheese with the coffee liquor using a hand whisk, set aside.
3. Boil gelatin & water mix till it dissolve, set aside to cool.
4. Whisk fresh cream till stiff.
5. Add 1 to 3 into the whipped cream using a hand whisk till well mix.
6. Cut the sponge into 2 or 3 layers.
7. Lay the cake into a loose bottom tin, brush the sponge with the syrup and pour in the 1/3 of the cream mixture, dust with cocoa powder and repeat the step again.
8. Finish off with dusted cocoa powder & leave in the fridge to set.


Mariaseah said...

Hey Wen, I tried to bake the sponge cake for the Tiramisu but failed.  The sponge cake shrunk after it leave to cool. Where can I buy the Coffee Liquor Kahlua?  Thank you. Maria

HuiYing Seah said...

Hi Wen, I have tried to bake the sponge cake for the Tiramisu but it failed.  The sponge cake shrunk after it leave to cool.  Wat happened and where can I buy the Coffee Liquor Kahlua?  I went to BakeKing but they do not have it.  Thank you.

wensdelight said...

I can't really tell you what went wrong with your sponge cake. It may due to over beating of  the egg or maybe over folding of the batter or oven temperature. Maybe you can try using the ready sponge finger biscuit from supermarket. It works very well too. You can get kahlua from Cold storage in the liquor section. It will be cheaper to buy it from Airport duty free. 

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