Feb 28, 2009

Durian - "Mountain Cat King" Season

The stall where we always buy durian from "Fruit Top 1" is having promotion from now till next Sunday, 8/3/09 with free delivery service. Whenever they have promotion or when they has good quality durians, they will inform me or my aunt. So my aunt defintely won't miss this sales eventhough just last Sunday, we already had it. This time round, she specially ordered for my brother and of course my dogs who get to eat too.

Their Promotion:
Mountain Cat King - S$10/kg
Others type like D24/D13/Red prawn - all 3 for $10

She ordered 8 fruits and plus 2 free fruit from the boss for compensating her for previous purchase where a few seeds were not very good. See, how generous they are with good marketing strategies. That explains why their business is always so good. The total weight for 8 fruits were 15 kg so she paid $150 for it.

Just for the fun of it though a bit gross...LOL! The small flatten seeds are from "Mountain Cat King", they are the best durian thus far, the flesh is very creamy, fragrant, yellowish & thick. It's more worth it to buy this durian by Kg than any other type because you are actually paying for the flesh not the weight of the seeds. To make the comparison, the big seeds are from D666 (FOC to us), you can see the big difference! For Mountain Cat King durian, just 3 to 4 seeds are already very satisfying & full.

Fruits Top 1 Department Store
Blk 183 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310183
Head Office:
608 Geylang Rd Lor 36
Singapore 389547
Contact: Ah Yi 91090051


Anita said...

Oh dear....DURIAN....drooling......drooling

Why you do this to me Wens :(

Wen said...

Hi Ak,
Hahahaha... come visit Singapore and have a durian feast. It's the season now!

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