Feb 28, 2009

Korean BBQ Pork (Kalbi)

Korean BBQ at home! Sound complicated but it's quite easy after all except for the oil & smoke it caused. I did not BBQ it at the dinner table, it was pan-fried over a grill pan in the kitchen. I tried it once doing it on the dining room, wow it's really oily & smokey. So is better to cook it in the kitchen & serve.

This was how I prepared the korean BBQ pork by using the ready marinade sauce I got it from Sol Mart at Square 2. It's easy, yummy and economical too. To have this at Korean restaurant is rather expensive. And it's taste as good as those serve in the restaurants. Instead of beef short ribs, I used pork collar meat. Collar meat is good for BBQ, the meat is juicy and tender.

Ingredients (Serve 4):
600g Pork collar/Beef (from Mmmm Sq 2 at S$9.90/kg)
140g Kalbi marinade (from Solmart at S$4.60/240g bottle)
1 no Yellow onion (sliced)
1-2 tbsp Ssamjang bean paste (for dipping)

1. Marinate the meat, sliced onion with the kalbi marinade for at least 4 hours or overnight in the fridge.
2. Grill it over the pan till cooked & cut into bitesize.
3. Serve with rice or eat it with lettuce wrap.

This is how we eat our BBQ:
1. Pick up the meat.
2. Put the meat onto a lettuce wrap.
3. Put a dab of ssamjang onto the wrap. (or if you like a slice of fresh garlic)
4. Wrap it up, stick it into your mouth. This is really heavenly.
5. To complete, wash it down with a spoonful of kimchi soup and rice. Wow, it's beyond words to describe the satisfaction to the palate...


wensdelight said...

Hi Anita, thanks for dropping by!

Anita said...

This sounds good and easy to make. I have to give it a try. The blog is grea and the photos ... they make me hungry. Excellent.

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