Feb 28, 2009

Steam Jacket Fish w/Preserved Veg (Meicai)

Mei Cai, one type of preserved vegetables. It can be brasied, stewed, stir fried and steamed. Cantonese cooking uses it more often. I like it very much especially this brand from Hong Kong (Mei cai wang). Last night aunt used it to steam jacket fish. Quite a good combination and it's delicious.

Jacket Fish (season with 1/4tsp salt, 1/4tsp vetsin & sesame oil)
110g Preserved veg (Rinse, cleaned, slightly soak & chopped. Then season with 1/2tsp light sauce & 1tsp oil)
1/2tbsp Potato flour
2slices Ginger
Red chillies & spring onion for garnishing

100ml Stock
1/2tsp Vetsin
1tsp Light sauce
2tsp Fish sauce
1/4tsp Sugar
Sesame oil

1. Heat some oil to fry the preserved veg till dry and add in potato flour. Continue to fry till crisp & fragrant. Set aside.
2. Place fish on dish. Top with ginger, sauce and fried preserved veg.
3. Steam over high heat for 7mins.
4. Garnish with chillies & spring onion.

See previous post using preserved veg as ingredient.


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