Jan 10, 2009

Braised Pork w/Dried Vegetables (Mei Cai)

This was one of my dinner dish last week, I was not feeling well last few day and been so busy with work till today I'm able to spend sometime to post up this recipe. From my aunt's - Braised Pork w/Mei Cai, very yummy and her version is not oily and instead of pork belly, she uses collar meat. It's goes so well with porridge.

400g Pork collar meat
150g Dried Veg - Mei Cai (Rinsed, soak 10mins & drain. Cut into short strip)
3cloves Garlic (smashed)
200ml Stock
800ml Water
1tbsp Wine

Seasoning A:
1tbsp Light sauce
1/2tsp Dark sauce

Seasoning B:
1tsp Sugar
1/2tsp Vetsin
1tbsp Light sauce
1tsp Dark sauce
1tsp Sesame oil

1. Boil the pork (whole pc) for 10mins. Drain.
2. Add Seasoning (A) to the pork, season for 10 mins.
3. After 10 mins, deep fry the pork till brown and cut into bite size pieces.
4. Add Seasoning (B) to the dried veg, mix well.
5. Heat 1 tbsp oil to fry garlic till golden, add dried veg to fry a while.
6. Add pork, wine, & fry till fragrant.
7. Add stock and water.
8. Bring to boil and simmer for 40mins till pork soften (sauce reduce to 200ml)


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