Jan 12, 2009

Chinese New Year Workshop Menu 8

Friday - 9th Jan 2008

Another interesting menu for CNY cooking by Chef Yong attended last Friday at Cairhill. That day I was down with flu so I can't really taste the samplings but I think it should be quite delicious...

Here's the updates:
Cereal Crusted Prawns with Dried Chillies and Curry Leaves

Chef Yong's special version - Cereal prawn without the shells that make it a lot more enjoyable.

Cold Poached Chicken with Ginger Spring Onion Confit

One of Chef Yong's signature chinese dishes and also an easy to prepare dish. I like this even though I can't really taste but the texture of the chicken was really good.

Fresh Wheat Noodles with Zhai Cai & Slice Pork

This is much easier to prepare as compared to fry a big pot of noodles.

For workshops details & registration, please refer to Chef Yong's Blog: Cook with passion


devan said...


Hopefully one fine day you will post this recipe.


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