Mar 5, 2009

Cuttlefish & Dried Shrimp Pork Congee

Aunt cooked my favorite congee for me last evening. As I just did an teeth extraction so can only eat soft food. This congee was so sweet & full of flavors. I like to top with lots of spring onion, fried shallots & pepper. Simpy delicious!

Ingredients A:
Rice 1cup (washed)
Calrose rice 1/2cup (washed)
Stock 600ml
Chicken powder 1tsp
Salt 2tsp
Sugar 1/2tsp
Dried shredded cuttlefish 30g

Ingredients B:
Dried shrimp 160g - wash & deep fried till crispy (Note:80g for boiling & 80g for garnishng)
Dried cuttlefish 1pc (15g)
Water 1.5L

Ingredients C (Mix well):
Minced pork 300g
Sugar 1/2tsp
Salted egg white 1 no
Light sauce 1/2tsp
Sesame oil 1tsp
Wine 1tsp

1. Bring (Ingredients B) to boil, simmer 45 mins then strain to obtain broth, discard the residue.
2. Add (Ingredient A) into the strained broth to boil. Simmer till it becomes congee. Check the congee consistency constantly.
3. If too thick or dry, add boiling water when necessary.
4. Add minced pork (or spoon into it) when the congee is ready. Stir well till pork is cooked.
5. Garnish w/fried shrimp, spring onion, fried onion & pepper. Serve.


Anonymous said...

HI Wen,
Just wanted you to know that I tried your Braised chicken feet and mushroom to make wantan mee on Sunday and it was excellent. We all enjoyed it very much at home. I am hoping to try out yor congee here this weekend. Can you tell me what is calrose rice and can I just use normal rice instead?


Wen said...

Hi OM, thanks for trying out my Aunt's recipe. The braised chicken feet recipe is one of our all times favouirte.

Yes you can use all normal rice. Calrose rice is referring to Jap rice. By adding some of that the porridge will be thicker. Happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to tell you that I also made your lo mai kai some time back but never managed to let you know. I made 22 portions thinking that it would last a while. I gave my parents, my sister and my MIL. Everyone finished within a few days. That is how good it is. Thanks again. I love your cooking as well as your aunt's. You both are great cooks! I look forward to reading your blog all the time. .


Wen said...

Hi OM,

Thanks for your nice compliments and it's indeed a great encouragement to know that our family's recipes are enjoyed by others too. Thank you!

Lilian said...

Will 700ml stock for porridge make it too thick? How much water do u have to add & simmer the porridge in total?

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