Mar 24, 2009

Han's Cafe

Last Sunday, we had our dinner at Han's. This is a family-owned business which has growned from a small food counter to a chain of family cafe all over Singapore. Recently, my aunt read from the paper that they are launching some traditional hainanese dishes which are only served in a few selected branch. And, all these dishes are prepared by the boss! However, that evening they only served hainanese pork chop and the rest was out of stock. My aunt was so disappointed because she wanted to try the curry chicken and chicken stew.

Pork Chop/Dory Fish Fillet served w/rice

These were quite nice especially the sauce was unique and I like the mildness, not as strong flavour as sweet and sour sauce.
Spaghetti Aglio e OlioThis is probably the most simple pasta dish around using excessive garlic and olive oil to prepare but not many can cook it well. It's too plain and the prawn was hard.
Beef Burger This was my order and surprising it's good. The beef was flavourful and juicy seasoned well with herbs and spices. Yummy!
Han's Cafe & Cake House
Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 64567211
Opening hour:7am - 10pm daily


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