Mar 10, 2009

Japanese-French Pastries 2 Workshop by Chef Keiko Ishida

A well spent Sunday afternoon at Shermay's Cooking School with Chef Keiko. Chef Keiko studied pastry and was trained as a pastry chef in Paris. In a relaxing and cosy cooking studio with free flow of refreshment, watching Chef Keiko professionally and patiently went through the 3 hours plus demo in details. So sad to know that this was her 2nd last lesson in Singapore as she will be going back to Japan end of Mar. And, her last class has already been fully booked so this will be my one and only opportunity to learn from her.

Fraisier ~ A French-Style strawberry custard cream cake

This was the star and attraction of the day, I registered for this workshop because of this. It's really good, not too sweet and very refreshing with lots of fresh strawberries. I'm planning to try out this cake this weekend for my aunt's birthday.

Cake au The ~ Earl Grey Tea Cake

This is a light and moist lemon pound cake with the fragrant of earl grey tea. I love this too and my first time tasting cake make with tea dust.

Galettes Bretonne ~ Brittany Shortbread

A traditional buttery cookie from Brittany, France. It's not as buttery as those commercial shortbread and is sweeter.

Romias ~ Almond Nougat Cookie

A traditional French piped cookie with caramelised almond. This was actually a bonus recipe to try at home so no demo due to time restraints but Chef Keiko was so nice to include it in her demo too. This was quite special and addictive. Another good recipe for CNY and X'mas bake. And also a lovely gift to friends as it's pretty, presentable and yummy. I'm sure going to list it in my to bake list. (actually my list getting longer and longer... don't know when can I really accomplish all... LOL!)

Apple Brownie

A very healthy brownie made with apples, raisins and organic syrup without dairy, eggs and white sugar. I don't really know how to appreciate healthy stuff and I don't like raisin. This is out for me but this is a good recipe for health conscious freak...LOL!

Japanese-French Pastries 2 Workshop by Chef Keiko @ 8th March 2009

At the end of the class then we were allowed to take photos of the baked goodies, nicely plated by Chef Keiko. Strictly no photographing & recording video during demo at Shermay's.

We were given a box of goodies (one portion of each recipe) and also a goodies bag from Prima which contain a pack of Top flour and Superlite flour.

To conclude, I enjoyed myself tremendously and glad that at least I had attended Chef Keiko's class once before she leave. Really looking forward to attend more of this sort of quality baking workshops.

Shermay's Cooking School
Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village)
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga
#03-64 Singapore 278115
Tel: 6479 8442 Fax: 6479 8414
Opening hours:
11.30am-8.00pm (Tue-Sat)
1.30pm-8.30pm (Sun) Closed on Mon


Anita said...


I am glad to hear that you had a great time at that class :) Money worth spending huh ? hehehehe

My 'want to bake list' also getting very long already......

I baked Richard's Banana cake yesterday ,it turn out very moist and taste good too.

I was wondering next time if i can use cake flour instead of plain flour for a finer texture ??

Wen said...

Hi AK,

I love that banana cake recipe too. Yes, I think should be alright to use cake flour or even top flour.

flai said...

Hi Wen I just joined Shermay's membership 2 weeks ago but it was already too late in enroling in Keiko's last workshop held tomorrow! Any chance you can share her receipe on her lemon pound and earl grey tea cake? I saw on another blog that she taught a green tea chiffon cake, would you also happen to have that receipe?

Wen said...

Hi Francis,

I only attended her class once.

Sorry the recipes from Shermay's were all with Copyright enforced - all rights reserved. It was clearly stated on the recipe that we cannot reproduce, store or transmit into any form or otherwise without prior written permission of the author.

You can try this green tea chiffon's recipe from:
Do What I Like -
Peng's Kitchen -

flai said...

Hi Wen

No worries. Actually I have recently purchased a cook book that she produced last year but that one is mainly home cook Jap meals which is great too but no receipes on cakes, etc. Thanks for the links to those chiffon receipes. By the way, there is a very good bakery sellng cakes down in the basement (not e one on the ground floor) of Liang Court under the Tampopo name. The baker there is also Japanese. Cheers Francis

Wen said...

Hi Francis,

I also bought that cookbook too... but haven't tried cooking! LOL!

I heard about that bakery too. If you like Japanese bakery, there is one where a lot of bloggers & media are raving about it, opened last Nov 08 by 2 Jap pastry Chef:

Pâtisserie Glacé
34 Craig Road #01-10
Chinatown Plaza
Singapore 089673
Tel +65-6400-0247


flai said...

Hi Wendy

Thanks will go visit Patisserie Glace soon!


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