Mar 17, 2009

Ultimate Chocolate Treat 1 By Chef Joycelyn Shu

Hi all, I'm back again and I've not been updating my blog for almost a week as my pc was down and I'm very busy too the last few days. A lot of backlog to catch up...

Last Saturday I was at Shermay's again, attended another workshop - Ultimate Chocolate Treat 1 by Chef Joycelyn Shu. Also, another popular guest chef as the class was almost fully booked.

I went with great anticipation even though I'm not a chocolate lover. Only Valrhona chocolates were used in her recipes. During the class, different types of Valrhona choc samples and Amarena Fabbri preserved cherries were passed around for us to taste. After the class, I felt I had an overdosage of sugar... LOL! Really really too sweet for me.

Chef Joycelyn looked pretty young to me, an entirely self taught chef started her first demo - Creme Chocolat (French style chocolate pudding), a very versatile recipe, used it as filling for cakes, cookies and tarts. Also, an useful component for Trifle style desserts. She used this creme for Black Forest Trifle which was later demostrated and served to us during the workshop.

Black Forest Trifle

This was too sweet for my liking but I like the Creme chocolat very much, the Black Forest trifle was a combination of kirsch syrup soaked ladyfinger biscuit as the base follow by a layer of creme chocolat and Amarena Fabbri preserved cherries were spoon evenly all over. Lastly, blanket with kirsch whipped cream and top with cocoa powder. A very presentable and easy to make dessert that can be served in individual glass or in a big bowl.

Ultra Fudgy Brownies

This was definitely a very Fudgy Brownie as very little flour was used. To be served with ice cream. (Under bonus section, Malted milk choc ice cream recipe was included)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares and Heirloom Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was impressed by the Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares, I think this was the winner of the day for me and definitely a crowd pleaser. The combination of peanut butter, salted peanut and chocolate are so fabulous and amazing. Very yummy! This has to be served chill and Chef Joycelyn wrapped it up in a gold foil like a candy for us.

Lastly, the Heirloom Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, this was quite a disappointment as my tasting sample was soft and chewy which I prefer a crunchy texture. So I just had a bite and threw it away. According to Chef Joycelyn, we can adjust the baking time and chill the dough longer for a crispier cookie. Well, I will try out at home. (Other type of Cookies recipes were given under Bonus section to be tried at home)

Take home treats

Only 2 types of goodies were given to bring home as the rest had to be served chill so we tasted it during the class. We were given Prima goodies bag too which include a pack of Cake flour and Plain flour. (So, now my cabinate was filled with so many packets of flour, don't know when will I finish using it!)

To conclude, all recipes are very simple and will be good for beginners as not much baking techniques needed. For myself, I'd prefer workshops that are more in substance like the last one by Chef Keiko. For the time being, I will take a break from all these workshops as my work is getting busy and I would like to spend more time on baking at home instead, trying all those recipes that I collected.

Shermay's Cooking School
Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village)
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga
#03-64 Singapore 278115
Tel: 6479 8442 Fax: 6479 8414
Opening hours:
11.30am-8.00pm (Tue-Sat)
1.30pm-8.30pm (Sun)
Closed on Mon

Note: All pictures link in my post are extracted from Chef Joycelyn's Blog: Kuidaore


Anita said...

The Ultra Fudgy Brownies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares look so yummy leh Wens ! drooling...

Hope to see your baked goods soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Saw your post about the J Shu class.
I am considering to attend her choc cake class but is rather put off by the price, esp for a self taught instructor.

is she really good and does she share techniques and secrets?
Would you attend another of her class again?

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

I attended her class once only as I mentioned in my post that all recipes are quite simple so not much techniques needed. So I can't really comment. However her classes always fully booked.

You can check out this blog - Dreamers Loft. This lady attended almost all her classes and she gave a rather detail write up on J Shu workshops.

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